To Whom It May Concern at the Dustin Project:
Thank you! I cannot express my feeling enough to show you my gratitude towards you in helping me with my GRIEF! In my life I have lost all the male role models I have had, my father, my uncle and my grandfather. And because of it, I fail to form any real relationship with anyone including my family.
I did my part, at least I thought I did, when I was younger, going to see all these psychologist, but all was doing was going into a room with a stranger to talk about my feeling, which I did not do and lying. Lying about my feelings, lying about my grief and lying saying it didn’t hurt.
But now I see it did hurt, and is still hurting me more now than EVER! So thank you! Thank you for giving me a second chance. A chance to get better! A chance to finally heal!
Seminole County Student

 Dear Dustin Project,
"Santiago Fallon is my son's counselor and has been for about 6 months. Since we are just now past the anniversary of my father's death and I don't know if you remember my mom was in stage 4 breast cancer and on deaths door. She has now received a miracle and God has healed her. With all that being said Christopher is doing much better with [the help of] his counselor. Thanks so much for all you all do and please let me know of anything else you will need. It seems [Santiago] will continue to see Christopher for a while and for that I'm thankful and we are blessed."

Many blessings for all you do,
Christopher’s Mom